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UCLA Fellowship


The Global Fellows Program

The UCLA International Institute brings to campus each year from around the world a class of outstanding scholars near the beginning of their careers.

Structure of the Program

Global Fellows will pursue their own research and are expected to produce working papers, journal articles, and books - or works in other media - during their tenure at UCLA. Fellows will be mentored by and will meet for weekly seminars with a distinguished and multidisciplinary group of Senior Fellows, including Robert Boyd (Anthropology), Rogers Brubaker (Sociology), Robert Goldberg (Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology), Gail Harrison (Public Health), Michael Heim (Slavic Languages and Literatures), Lynn Hunt (History), Edward Leamer (Management and Economics), and Francoise Lionnet (French and Francophone Studies). A small, highly select, and similarly multidisciplinary group of UCLA doctoral candidates will be appointed as either Associate Fellows (for students finishing their dissertations) or Global Scholars (for entering Ph.D. students). In addition to their own presentations, the Fellowship will invite for seminars distinguished scholars from inside and outside the University of California.

Global Fellows will have their own offices. Computer facilities, including LAN connections to the Internet, will be provided. Program staff will assist in the search for affordable housing within reasonable distance of UCLA.

Obligations of the Fellowship

Global Fellows will commit to remaining in residence throughout the period of the Fellowship, to attending the weekly seminars, and to making a formal presentation to the seminar on the progress of their research at least once each year. Fellows will also be expected to cultivate good working relationships with members of their "home" UCLA academic departments and to interact with the broader UCLA community. Each Global Fellow will be expected to contribute to the University’s teaching mission, normally by offering two one-quarter undergraduate seminars related to their research.

Prerequisites and Selection Criteria

Candidates will only be considered if they received, or will receive, their Ph.D.s (or equivalent) between 1 January 1998 and 1 April 2005. Applicants may be from any discipline, provided only that their work is relevant to the concerns of the International Institute (see below). There is no citizenship requirement. Successful applicants will be of the highest intellectual caliber and will be doing innovative work, preferably of multidisciplinary interest, on (or with obvious relevance to) the cultural, economic, social, and political dynamics of the contemporary world. Among the topics of particular interest to the Institute are:

  • New forms of governance and co-ordination, whether in the governmental, non-governmental, or private spheres
  • Security concerns that transcend traditional interstate conflict
  • The causes and consequences of cultural and economic globalization
  • Transnational cultures and multiple identities (or resistance to these trends)
  • Public health, the environment, and economic development.

Application and Selection Procedures

Applications and nominations should be submitted, on-line, between 15 November 2004 and 14 January 2005. Submissions received after 14 January 2005 will not be considered. Those who are unable to submit on-line may request written forms by any of the avenues listed below under "Further Information and Inquiries." Applications must include an up-to-date curriculum vitae, a short abstract of the dissertation, a statement of proposed research (max. 10 pages double-spaced), a writing sample, and names of three references.

Applications will be vetted preliminarily in consultation with the relevant academic Department(s) and Research Centers at UCLA. Final selection will be by a committee composed of the Vice-Provost, the Director, and the Senior Fellows. The names of the Global Fellows should be announced, and formal invitations extended, by 1 March 2005.


Global Fellows will be appointed as Visiting Assistant Professors. Fellows already holding tenure-track academic positions at their home institutions will receive an annual salary of $50,472; other Global Fellows will receive an annual salary of $40,512. Monthly salary is subject to all applicable federal, state and local taxes. Fringe benefits, including access to UCLA’s health insurance options, will be provided for the full academic year.

Further information and inquiries

UCLA is an affirmative action/Equal Opportunity employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

More detailed inquiries may be submitted by e-mailing, by telephoning 310-825-4921, or by writing to Global Fellows Program, International Institute, 11349 Bunche Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1487.

Global Fellows Director: Ronald Rogowski, Professor of Political Science

Vice Provost and Dean, UCLA International Institute: Geoffrey Garrett, Professor of Political Science

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