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Order, Conflict, and Voilence Residential Research Fellowships

The Program on Order, Conflict, and Violence at the Yale Center for International and Area Studies (YCIAS) invites applications for residential research fellowships from scholars who address fundamental questions of order, conflict, and violence.

The Program is offering two (2) fellowships, pre- or postdoctoral, in 2005-06.

This interdisciplinary research program based on the social sciences and history, aims to promote innovative research on such questions as the causes of breakdown of order and violent conflict, the material and non-material sources and consequences of conflict, the various forms of political violence (e.g. coups, massacres, revolutions, riots, war, and genocide), the likelihood that some types of group conflict may be more or less prone to escalating into violent conflict, the evolution of national, subnational, or transnational political orders, and the social and political conditions and institutions associated with the emergence and breakdown of order. Under the direction of Professor Stathis Kalyvas, the Program fosters an intellectual community at Yale through the interaction of students, faculty, and visiting scholars interested in questions of order, conflict, and violence, and organizes various activities, including lectures, speaker series, workshops, and conferences.

Fellows will be expected to be in full-time residence during the academic year beginning September 1, 2005. During the tenure of their appointment, Fellows are expected to work on their research projects, interact with graduate students and faculty, contribute to the intellectual life of the Program, and participate in its collective activities and development.

Postdoctoral Fellows are expected to teach one undergraduate seminar structured around the general themes of order, conflict, and violence. Ideally, they also will complete a significant publication during their residency. Predoctoral Fellows are expected to complete their doctoral dissertations.

In awarding fellowships, preference is given to: (a) recent Ph.D. recipients; and (b) graduate students who have made progress on their dissertations and are likely to complete them during their fellowship. Applicants for Predoctoral fellowships must have completed all coursework and general examinations at the time of application and are expected to have made significant progress on their dissertations. All candidates must be fluent in English.

Stipend and Resource Information The Program offers academic year stipends of $36,050 plus benefits to Postdoctoral Fellows and $20,600 plus individual health insurance coverage to Predoctoral Fellows: All Fellows appointed by the Program will have full access to the Yale University libraries and email. Normally, Fellows can expect shared office space, computer access and basic office supplies. Unfunded or partially funded pre- and postdoctoral fellowships may be available at the discretion of the Program. Interested candidates, who have other sources of funding, may apply with a clear indication of their funding situation. All applicants should indicate clearly whether they are seeking full or partial funding.

Application Process Applications must include the following :

  • cover letter, including current e-mail address
  • current curriculum vitae, including publications
  • 1500-word description of the proposed research project. The description should include the background, nature, importance, specific objectives, and methodology of the proposed research project.
  • one sample of writing not exceeding 20 double-spaced pages pertinent to the proposed research project. (No books accepted.)
  • a syllabus of the proposed course (Postdoctoral Fellows ONLY)
  • an official graduate school transcript
  • three letters of recommendation. For Postdoctoral Fellows, referees should cover teaching ability as well as other points. The letters may be sent directly to YCIAS or included with the application materials. If recommendation letters accompany application materials they must be in a sealed envelope. Letters sent by e-mail with full title, institution and contact information of the sender will be accepted.

Deadline for submission: January 17, 2005 Awards will be announced by early March.

************************* Application materials should be sent to: Fellowships--Program on Order, Violence and Conflict Yale Center for International and Area Studies 34 Hilllhouse Avenue P.O. Box 208206 New Haven, CT 06520 E-mail :

For additional information e-mail

Application packets must be postmarked by the deadline in order to be reviewed. Late or incomplete applications will NOT be accepted.

Do not send application materials via registered or certified mail.

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