Monday, November 21, 2005

Dartmouth College Rumors

[Anonymous 2005-11-21] I heard that Jennifer Lind and Branislav S. from UCSD are interviewing at Dartmouth.
[Anonymous 2005-12-05] Dartmouth is also interviewing Ann Towns (Minnesota PhD/Göteborg University Post-doc).
[Anonymous 2005-12-26] Rumor has it that Dartmouth (IR) extended an offer to Bridget Coggins.
[Anonymous 2005-12-27] I heard interviews still occurring in January at Dartmouth
[Anonymous 2005-12-28] Coggins did get an offer. No information on any other details (acceptance, other interviews, or anything else).
[Anonymous 2006-01-17] Bridget Coggins (Ohio State) has accepted the position at Dartmouth.
[2006-03-08] Dartmouth extended three additional IR offers: Jennifer Lind, Branislav Slanchev, and Darryl Press
[2006-03-16] Dartmouth just hired Jennifer Lind and Darryl Press.
I heard this from a current grad student at Penn, who heard this directly from Press, so it's not just a rumor.
Dartmouth also still has an offer extended to Slantchev. They now have something like 8 IR people. Didn't they hire Bridget Coggins this year, too??
[2006-03-23] Dartmouth sources say Slantchev is deciding but they are very optimistic.