Thursday, November 10, 2005

University of Chicago (PubPol) Interviews

[Anonymous 2005-11-10] S. Paul Kapur has a job talk at the Harris School (Chicago). "Instability without the Paradox: Why Nuclear South Asia is not Like Cold War Europe."
[Anonymous 2005-11-10] Stuart Jordan (Princeton) will give his talk, "Public Participation in Delegated Decisions." at the Harris School.
[Anonymous 2005-11-13] Susan Hyde (UCSD) will give a job talk at the Harris School on November 21.
[Anonymous 2005-12-13] The Harris School at the University of Chicago has scheduled two new talks for their junior IR search: Kevin Narizny (Princeton) and Bumba Mukherjee (Columbia). For details, see the Harris School online events calendar.

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