Thursday, December 22, 2005

University of Pittsburgh Rumors

[Anonymous 2005-12-21] I just heard that Pittsburgh did not make any offers. It seems that the department cannot make up their mind like last year.
[Anonymous 2005-12-21] You "just heard" wrong about Pitt.
[Anonymous 2005-12-21] Please enlighten us then: does Pitt have offers out right now, have they been accepted, or what?
[Anonymous 2005-12-21] I heard that Pitt made an offer to Bridget Coggins (Ohio State) but I have no idea whether she
[Anonymous 2005-12-21] Just to clarify: The comment on Pittsburgh not making an offer was in regard to their CP-Europe job opening. I should have said this in my posting.
[Anonymous 2005-12-21] I know that they interviewed 4 people for the CP-EU position at Pittsburgh. One of them was Rebecca Oliver (PhD Candidate at Northwestern).
[Anonymous 2006-01-11] A friend from Pittsburgh told me that Burcu Savun (Rice University) accepted Pitt's IR position.