Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Middlebury College Rumors

[Anonymous 2006-01-04] Re: Middlebury -- In early December I heard they had made an offer to Sechser (Stanford). But a previous post said he was going to they may have made another offer by now.
[Anonymous 2006-01-04] Middlebury did make an offer to Amy Oakes from Ohio State.
[Anonymous 2006-01-05] Middlebury is calling candidates for interviews. Don't know if the Oakes information is correct or premature.
[Anonymous 2006-01-06] Amy Oakes turned down Middlebury and took a job at William and Mary.
[2006-03-07] Middlebury sent out letters: They had invited four people to interview but ended up not hiring anyone. They will be posting again next year.