Tuesday, January 03, 2006

University of Chicago Rumors

[Anonymous 2006-01-03] Jonathan Rodden of MIT is interviewing at Chicago this week. [Anonymous 2006-01-10] Dan Reiter of Emory University will visit the Department and present his job talk "War as a Solution to the Problem of Credible Commitments" at 1:30 PM on Friday, January 20, in Pick Lounge. (UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO)
[Anonymous 2006-01-21] Ahmer Tarar of Texas A & M University will present his job talk "Public Commitment in Crisis Bargaining" at 1:30 PM this coming Friday, January 27, in Pick Lounge. (UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO)
[2006-03-28] Chicago's made a new IR junior offer.
[2006-03-30] What does it mean by a *NEW* offer? Does it mean Ahmer Tarar declined the Chicago offer?
as far as i know it just means that tarar's offer has only now really become an offer (admin approval etc). before there was a vote, not an offer.
[2006-05-02] Does anyone know if Tarar is leaving Texas A&M for Chicago?
[2006-05-03] I heard Tarar is staying at A&M; the counter-offer must have been nuclear to beat Chicago.