Wednesday, January 04, 2006

University of Colorado-Boulder Rumors

[Anonymous 2006-01-04] Third-hand, I heard U Colorado made an offer to Moonhawk Kim (Stanford).
[Anonymous 2006-01-14] Colorado's IR search generated an offer to Moonhawk Kim.
[Anonymous 2006-01-20] Moonhawk Kim (Stanford) accepted the offer from CU Boulder.
[2006-02-02] CU Boulder is going back into their pool for IR (new search, junior).
[2006-02-02] Last I heard, CU Boulder was awaiting authorization to move forward with that 2nd IR search. Have they actually called anyone for an interview yet (within the past week or so)?
[2006-02-03] Colorado-Boulder has invited junior candidates out this month for a round of interviews for their second hire.
[2006-03-06] UColorado-Boulder is making an offer to another junior candidate from its second set of interviews.
[2006-03-08] I heard (although not first hand) that UC-Boulder's offer is going to someone from SUNY-Binghamton
[2006-03-23] The junior offer from University of Colorado -Boulder was accepted by the candidate from SUNY-Binghamton.
[2006-04-02] Aysegul Aydin is the Binghamton Ph.D. who took the second Colorado job.