Thursday, February 02, 2006

University of Oklahoma Rumors

[2006-02-02] The University of Oklahoma is interviewing Gregory Miller (Ohio State PhD, visiting at W&M) for the terrorism/political violence position.
[2006-02-08] Barak Mendelsohn (Cornell) was interviewed in Oklahoma
[2006-03-29] Greg Miller (Ohio State) has accepted an offer for the position at University of Oklahoma.
[2006-04-02] [2006-02-10 Moved from University of Oklahoma post] Miller and 2 others. Interviews are still underway Yong Wook Lee (USC via Brown) has accepted.
[2006-04-04] University of Oklahoma clarifications
Terrorism: G. Miller (OSU via WM)
Japan: Y. Lee (USC via Brown)
China: Offer rejected, search closed.
Also R. Lucas (comparative - Middle East) moving to Florida International U.