Friday, April 28, 2006

University of Nevada, Reno Rumors

[2006-04-28] Re: SUNY Binghamton
To be clear this faculty member who is leaving for UNevada-Reno is a Binghamton PhD (1999) who has taught at Binghamton for the last several years.
For other faculty members that have arrived and left in the 5 years I have been here--nearly all of those members left because of spousal issues (spouse could not find work in Binghamton or spouse/faculty forced to commute from too far away or spouse did not like NY winters).
The fact that good scholars like McDonald, Cinganelli, and Regan have been around for many years is testament to the Binghamton dept. Moreover, I know that some junior facutly members have been offered positions elsewhere, arguably at 'better' schools, but still chose to stay suggests that there is a good dynamic going on.
[2006-04-30] Bob Ostergard is leaving Binghamton? [2006-05-02] Bob is leaving Binghamton.