Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Regime

IR Rumor Mill is now under new management. While we're getting our house in order, a few important notices:
• Job listings will be available soon. We recognize that most job applications are either due on October 1st or October 15th and that, in consequence, the list will be of little help for those making decisions about their applications. We hope, instead, that the listings will serve as a reference point for job-market developments.

• After a brief experiment with comment moderation, we have decided to disable it on a temporary basis. Please be on your best behavior; we will delete comments that bring disrepute on the IR Rumor Mill. If the comment sections begin to look like those found on some of the other "rumor" and "discussion sites" (some of you know what we're talking about) we'll return to being a moderated forum. The short version: we do not view discussions of the quality of specific job applicants as appropriate subjects for the IR Rumor Mill.

• We suspect that some short lists are already decided and that interviewees have already been contacted. We will soon be establishing discussion threads for job-market related information. A few rumors are currently circulating at American and Comparative Jobs. We have no corroborating evidence for these rumors, however.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking this task on. And even more thanks for the moderation. I was actually kind of hoping for the IR rumor mill's demise, seeing some of the abuses and annoyances of the last run, but a moderated list should do the trick.

Anonymous said...

I second 8:25.

IR Rumor Mill said...

8:25 and 11:25.This was our thinking precisely. We really hope that we won't have to turn on "moderation" and that our commitment to police the site provides a sufficient mechanism for catching and deterring inappropriate posts.

If we do miss something, or if something we leave up causes concern, please bring it to our attention by emailing ir rumormill at g mail dot com