Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Return of the Big Board

We've decided to create a big board for this year's job market. Any technical issues about it should be reported on its comment thread; do not post rumors there. We can't promise regular updates. For those hungry for the latest unfiltered synthetic information, the wiki--with which we have no affiliation--will continue to be your best bet.

It seems like a good time to review some rules, procedures, and requests. Our best sources last year were people--candidates, professors, chairs--who emailed us directly to provide information about scheduled interviews. Those who post in comments about rumors should always specify their source, e.g., "friend of the candidate," "departmental email," "departmental website."

We encourage readers to be proactive with information--that means, in particular, candidates who look here for rumors but won't report their own interviews, as well as faculty who support what we do--but we will not, under any circumstances, post rumors about hiring decisions unless we can independently confirm them. So if you have such a rumor, feel free to post it but realize we will hold its publication until we receive such confirmation.

Be particularly sensitive about rumors involving lateral and senior candidates. We sometimes make mistakes when it comes to moderating those rumors, and remember that false--or even true rumors if reported prematurely--may damage relations between a faculty members and his/her department. As always, we can be reached at Don't forget to leave out the "s" for "savings" and the "h" for "hearsay."