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2008-2009 Tally Board: Redux

Updated: 900 PST, 06.12.09

School/Position Status/Interviewees Outcome Notes
American University (US Foreign Policy) Michael Boyle (R)
Jordan Tama (C)
Jordan Tama Hired (R) ---
American University (IDP) Jennifer Brick (C)
Daniel Esser (C)
Chloe Schwenke (C)
Daniel Esser Hired ---
American University (Global Environment) Graem Auld (R)
Sikina Jinnah (R)
Ghazala Shahabuddin (R)
--- ---
Arizona State University --- Search Canceled (C)
Bard College Michelle Murray (R) Michelle Murray accepted offer (L) ---
Bellarmine --- Search Canceled (C)
Boston College Jennifer Erickson (C)
Vaidyanatha Gundlupet (R)
Stephen Nelson (R)
Jennifer Erickson Hired (C) ---
BYU Rebecca Glazier (R) --- Rebecca Glazier Declined Offer (R)
Colgate Interviews Underway (L) Position Filled (L) ---
Columbia Lindsay Heger (R)
Johannes Urpelainen (R)
Camber Warren (R)
Johannes Urpelainen Hired (R) ---
Columbia (SIPA) --- Offer Extended (R) ---
Creighton Autumn Payton (L)
Leanne Powner (L)
Jerome Venteicher (R)
--- Pending Budgetary Approval (C)
Dartmouth Dara Kay Cohen (R)
Jennifer Erickson (R)
Jonathan Monten (R)
Stephen Nelson (R)
Offer to Stephen Nelson (R) ---
Duke Oeindrila Dube (R)
Emile Hafner-Burton (R)
Idean Saleyhan (R)
Michael Ward (R)
Offers to:
Oeindrila Dube (R)
Michael Ward (R)
Florida State University Interviews Underway (C)
Note: Possibly No one from IR Subfield
--- ---
Georgetown Chris Fair (C)
Michael Glosny (C)
Keir Lieber (C)
Ron Krebs (C)
Ely Ratner (C)
Caitlan Talmadge (C)
Keren Yarhi-Milo (C)
Offers to:
Chris Fair (C)
Keir Lieber (C)
Gonzaga Amanda Rosen (L) Position Filled (L) ---
Harvard Dara Kay Cohen (R)
Leslie Johns (R)
Jason Lyall (R)
Philip Potter (R)
Camber Warren (R)
Offer to Jason Lyall (L)
Faculty Vote to Offer to Dara Cohen (L)
Search Canceled (C)
Iowa State University Jennifer Erikson (R)
Lindsay Heger (R)
Mark Schrad (R)
--- Jennifer Erickson Turned Down Offer (C)
Lafayette See-Hyun Park (R) --- ---
MIT Jason Lyall (L)
Vipin Narang (L)
Keren Yarhi-Milo (L)
Vipin Narang Accepted Offer (L) ---
MIT (Methods) Interviews Complete (L) Offer Extended (L) ---
Michigan State University --- --- Search Canceled (L)
New School for Social Research Dara Kay Cohen (R)
Rafi Youatt (R)
--- ---
New York University Interviews (L) Offer to Jason Lyall (R) ---
Northern Illinois University --- --- Search Canceled (R)
Northwestern Emile Hafner-Burton (R)
Stephen Nelson (R)
Stephen Nelson Hired (L) ---
Oregon State University Interviews Underway (R) --- ---
Princeton H. Zeynep Bulutgil (R)
Seo-Hyun Park (R)
Phil Potter (R)
Keren Yarhi-Milo (R)
Keren Yarhi-Milo Hired (C) ---
Purdue, Methods Jacqueline DeMeritt (C) --- DeMeritt Turned Down Offer (C)
Quinnipiac --- --- Search Suspended (R)
Rice Christina Schneider (C)
B. Slantchev (C)
Johannes Urpelainen (C)
Positioned Filled (R) ---
Rochester B. Slantchev (R)
Christina Schneider (R)
David Siroky (R)
Offer to B. Slantchev (R) Search Canceled (L)
Smith Brent Durbin (R)
Jonathan Monten (R)
Brent Durbin Hired (R) ---
SUNY-Albany Bryan Early (C)
Cigdem Sirin (R)
Bryan Early Hired (C) ---
Suffolk University Interviews Underway (L) --- ---
Syracuse University (Maxwell School) Interviews Underway (L) --- ---
Texas A&M Lisa Saum (R)
Johannes Urpelainen (R)
--- ---
Texas Tech Jacqueline DeMeritt (L)
Brandon Kinne (L)
Toby Rider (L)
Toby Rider Hired (R) ---
University of Alabama Interviews Not Scheduled (C) --- ---
University of Alberta Miriam Anderson (R)
Allison Howell (R)
Siobhan Byrne (R)
Siobhan Byrne Hired (R) ---
University of Arkansas Rebecca Glazier (R) Rebecca Glazier Accepted Offer (R) ---
University of British Columbia Interviews Underway (L) --- Search Reopened for 2009-2010
Univerity of California, Davis Sara Mitchell (C)
Heather McKibben (R)
Christina Schneider (R)
--- ---
Univerity of California, Riverside Steve Saideman (R)
Jaroslav Tir (R)
Offer to Jaroslav Tir (R) Offer Declined (R)
Univerity of California, San Diego Bernd Beber (R)
Dara Kay Cohen (R)
Jesse Driscoll (R)
Emile Hafner-Burton (R)
Yevgeniy Kirpichevsky (R)
Alexandra Scacco (R)
Stephen Shewfelt (R)
Christina Schneider (R)
Camber Warren (R)
Emile Hafner-Burton and Christina Schneider Hired ---
Univerity of California, San Diego Round II Carter (R), Favretto (R), Kedziora (R), Tingley (R) Offer to Kedziora (R) Search Canceled
Univerity of California, Sana Cruz Christopher Rudolph (R) --- ---
University of Chicago Thomas P. Chadefaux (R)
Dara Kay Cohen (R)
Jake Lyall (R)
Offer to Jason Lyall (R) ---
University of Colorado at Boulder David Bearce Hired ---
University of Iowa Autumn Payton (C)
Thania Sanchez (R)
Brandon Kinne (R)
Thania Sanchez Hired (R) ---
University of Massachusetts (Amherst) --- --- Search Canceled (L)
University of Michigan Jennifer Brick (R)
Jowei Chen (R)
John Kastellec (R)
Lida Maxwell (R)
Alexandra Scacco (R)
Camber Warren (R)
Offers to:
Jowei Chen (R)
Alexandra Scacco (R)
University of Michigan, Ford School John Ciorciari (C)
Philip Potter (R)
Stephen Nelson (R)
John Ciorciari Hired (C)
Philip Potter Hired (C)
University of Minnesota Dara Kay Cohen (R)
Philip Potter (R)
--- Search Canceled (C)
University of Minnesota (Humphrey) Dara Kay Cohen (R)
Jennifer Erickson (R)
Jonathan Monten (R)
Dara Kay Cohen Hired (C) ---
University of New Orelans Interviews (L) Richard Frank Hired (R)
University of North Texas, IR/HR Jennifer Erickson (R)
Jacqueline DeMeritt (C)
Geoffrey Wallace (R)
Jacqueline DeMeritt Hired (C) ---
University of North Texas, MidEast Interviews Scheduled (L) --- ---
University of Northern Iowa Bryan Early (C)
Lindsay Cohn (R)
Laura Janik (R)
Thania Sanchez (R)
Lindsay Cohn Hired (C)
Laura Janik Hired (L)
University of Oklahoma Lindsay Cohn (R)
Nicole Detraz (R)
Jarrod Hayes (R)
Jarrod Hayes Hired (R) ---
University of Puget Sound Phone Interviews (R) --- ---
University of Richmond (GG) Phone Interviews (C) Monti Datta Accepted an Offer (C)
Jennifer Erickson Turned Down an Offer (C)
University of Richmond (SS) Interviews Scheduled (C) Stephen Long Hired (C) ---
University of South Carolina Heather McKibben (R) --- ---
University of Texas, Austin Jennifer Erickson (R)
Lindsay Heger (R)
Johannes Urpelainen (R)
Camber Warren (R)
--- Offer to Johannes Urpelainen (R)
University of Texas, Dallas Interviews (L) Offer Extended to Brandon Kinne (R) ---
University of Texas, El Paso Phone Interviews (L) --- ---
University of Toronto Jennifer Erickson (R)
Todd Hall (R)
Yevgeniy Kirpichevsky (R)
See-Hyun Park (R)
--- Yevgeniy Kirpichevsky Turned Down Offer (R)
University of Washington --- Victor Menaldo Hired (R) ---
University of Washington (Jackson School) --- --- Search Canceled (R)
Valparaiso Interviews Complete (L) --- Search Suspended (R)
Wake Forest University Amanda Rosen (L)
William Walldorf (R)
William Walldorf Hired (C) ---
Webster (MO) Maryann Gallagher (R)
Amanda Rosen (L)
Amanda Rosen Hired (R) ---
Western Carolina Interviews Underway (R) --- ---
Yale Bernd Beber (R)
Alexandre Debs (R)
Jens Hainmueller (R)
Jason Lyall (C)
Nuno Monteiro (C)
Arnd Plagge (R)
B. Slantchev (R)
N. Monteiro and J. Lyall accepted offers (L)


Rumor: unsubstantiated information
Likely: we have reason to believe the information is correct
Confirmed: we're pretty certain the information is correct


Austin Long said...

For what it's worth, I accepted the SIPA security position.

Anonymous said...



Assistant Professor in International Relations – Security Studies

The Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh invites applications and nominations for a tenure-stream faculty position at the assistant professor level in the field of international relations with specialization in security studies to begin in the fall term of 2010. PhD in political science or related discipline is expected at the time of appointment. Professional experience in relevant government or non-profit institutions is desirable but not essential. The successful candidate will have research and teaching interests in one or more of the following areas: the causes of violent conflict across borders or within states; national and international responses to conflict, including diplomatic, military, intelligence, legal and humanitarian measures; the development of prevention and/or deterrence strategies for dealing with security threats; the political, economic and social consequences of violence.

Qualified applicants should submit a letter of application describing research and teaching interests, a curriculum vitae, two samples of scholarly writing, three letters of recommendation and teaching evaluations to:

Prof. Phil Williams, Security Search Committee Chair
c/o Mary Ann Gebet
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
3407 Posvar Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Applications must be submitted by October 15, 2009 to receive full consideration.

The University of Pittsburgh is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer.