Friday, October 28, 2005

University of California, Berkeley Interviews

[Anonymous 2005-10-19] Berkeley has begun calling candidates for interviews.
[Anonymous 2005-10-20] I heard that Berkeley wasn't calling until the end of this week...
[Anonymous 2005-10-21] Both Berkeley and Toronto have started inviting candidates. [Anonymous 2005-10-28]
Susan Hyde, November 7, "Observing Norms: Explaining the Causes and Consequences of Internationally Monitored Elections"
Robert Trager, November 21, "Diplomatic Calculus in Anarchy"
[Anonymous 2005-10-28]
Tonya Putnam (Stanford) has a talk at Berkeley.
[Anonymous 2005-11-01] Page Fortna (Assoc. @ Columbia) is also interviewing at Berkeley.

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