Friday, November 04, 2005

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Interviews

[Anonymous 2005-11-04]
MIT's job talks can be found at: [Anonymous 2005-11-15]
MIT is bringing in: -Paul MacDonald (ABD Columbia/Olin),
-David Andrew Singer (Ph.D Harvard/Asst. Prof. Notre Dame), and
- Kevin Narizny (Ph.D Princeton/post-doc UChicago)

[Anonymous 2005-12-16] MIT has made its offers:
American - Gabriel Lenz (ABD Princeton)
IR - David Andrew Singer (asst. prof., Notre Dame)
Comparative - Orit Kedar (asst. prof., UMichigan); and Quinn Mecham (asst. prof., Middlebury)
[Anonymous 2006-01-19] Singer has turned down UPenn, and accepted MIT's offer instead.

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