Monday, November 28, 2005

University of Kentucky Rumors

[Anonymous 2005-11-28] Little dated, but Susan Hyde turned down an offer from Kentucky.
[Anonymous 2005-12-12] A third candidate turned down an offer from Kentucky.
[Anonymous 2005-12-14] Kentucky has only had to rejections, not three, with one being Susan Hyde. They are leaning towards going back into their pool.
[Anonymous 2005-12-21] I just heard that another candidate rejected an offer from Kentucky -- their fourth rejected offer
[Anonymous 2006-01-09] I have heard from two different sources that Kentucky is going back into its pool.
[Anonymous 2006-01-09] I heard second or third hand that someone turned down a senior hire at Kentucky. Is this true? Which search? Reason?
[Anonymous 2006-01-09] From a good friend in the department. Kentucky rejected a counter offer made by someone for one of the senior spots. The counter offer was way out of line for this person's rank.
[2006-02-01] Kentucky closed the senior search and is looking at two junior instead, according to people in the department.
[2006-02-10] Kentucky is brining 3 new people out in the next few weeks.
[2006-02-13] Kentucky has contacted the next group they are bringing out.
[2006-02-14] Dan Morey is interviewing at Kentuck in the next two weeks.
[2006-02-22] Can anyone confirm the following story? Apparently, Kentucky interviewed 6 people, made 4 offers, and has no acceptances. They are now interviewing 3 more. [All of this came out on this website above.] Well, I just heard the craziest thing: since two slots are still unfilled, they are going to make an immediate offer to any of the 3 new candidates who pass muster, without waiting for all of the interviews to be completed. Is this true? Is it even legal? I guess at least you know that, if you get an interview, you get an offer!
[2006-02-22] This discussion about Kentucky is a good example of the danger of these blogs. It is all based on false information. First, Kentucky has made three offers, not four. Yes, they were all turned down, but one was to Susan Hyde and the other two were to people who were in tenure track jobs. Second, Kentucky is NOT making an offer after only interviewing the first of the three additional candidates. That information is obviously being spread by someone who is trying to ruffle some feathers. Third, the Kentucky search is actually two searches - a Comparative search and an IR search. Kentucky initially interviewed 3 for each field, made a total of three offers, and now has invited three more. The first candidate was a Comparativist, the second two IR. The prevailing view in the department is that the first candidate is not competing with the next two, hence the department was given PERMISSION to make an offer to the first candidate, but they decided to wait untile more people came in precisely because of this blog. The moral of this story is - don't believe everything you read on this blog and don't read too much into why a department does or does not make an offer to you.
[2006-02-24] I do not know who is posting all of this "inside information" about Kentucky but your blog's source is (intentionally or not) misinforming you about what is happening at UK. I will not bother to rebut all the garbage in here, but I will say that (1) UK chose to go after some superb people in the Fall, even though they were longshots, because of a consensual commitment to research excellence, and (2) The people being interviewed this Spring have been invited NOT because of a perception that the lines were at risk but because they were strong scholars who had been on the department's radar from the beginning.
[2006-02-26] Do we know what's happening at Clemson and Auburn yet? I heard they made offers in American Politics. Do they plan to fill their other jobs too? Is it true that Morey and Bodea are interviewing at Kentucky next week? Or has Morey taken the GSU job? Anyone know the interview list at VTech?
[2006-02-26] Regarding the 2:25 PM post above: I know Bodea interviewed at Kentucky in the fall. She must have turned them down without another offer because she recently accepted at MSU according to a post above. I have no idea on Morey.
[2006-02-27] Regarding the 7:30 PM February 26 post above: Kentucky interviewed six but, depending on which claim you believe, made offers to three or four people. I don't see how anything "must" have happened with regard to one visitor. It's probably not safe to assume something
[2006-02-28] Just so the correct information is out there... Kentucky sent two offers out late last week. Both are in IR.
[2006-03-01] Kentucky hasn't made any offers yet to the latest set of candidates. This blog has deteriorated into a complete joke, but I suspect most people recognize this by now.
[2006-03-01] I have no idea why someone would choose to post that Kentucky has made two offers when it's a total fabrication. But you can't blame internal confusion caused by "in-fighting" for that sort of misinformation when the decision was scheduled for a faculty meeting that hadn't happened yet.
[2006-03-05] One of my graduate students interviewed in the latest round for the Kentucky job. Word I received was that their dean and the department disagreed on 1 or 2 candidates, and they are unsure of what to do next (as of Friday).
[2006-03-05] I'm in the department at UK and I don't think the last post is true at all (about the disagreement over 1-2 candidates). Things are moving forward.
[2006-03-05] The one-week delay at Kentucky resulted because all three candidates were superb and we would have preferred to make offers to all of them. The department ultimately cannot hire three people this year, though, so two offers will go out shortly. I expect that the erroneous 5:00 AM March 05 post came from our stalker and not from one of the professionals who mentored our three excellent candidates.[2006-03-15] Dan Morey (Iowa) has accepted a job with the University of Kentucky.