Sunday, November 06, 2005

University of Pennsylvania Interviews

[Anonymous 2005-11-06] UPenn will be bringing in 4 candidates for the junior position. All jobtalks will be completed before Thanksgiving break with offer(s) to follow shortly thereafter:
Kyle Beardsley (UCSD)
Ahmer Tarar (Texas A&M)
Susan Hyde (UCSD)
David Singer (Notre Dame)
[Anonymous 2005-12-07] UPenn offered their junior IR position to David Singer.
[Anonymous 2006-01-19] Singer has turned down UPenn, and accepted MIT's offer instead.
[2006-01-23] As far as I know, Tarar was not offered the Penn job after Singer took the MIT position.
[2006-01-25] Andrew Kydd (Associate hire) has accepted an offer from Penn for the Fall of 2006.

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