Tuesday, November 01, 2005

University of Texas Austin Interviews

[Anonymous 2005-10-31] UT-Austin has begun inviting candidates out...
[Anonymous 2005-11-01] Josh Busby has job talks at UT-Austin and U. of Delaware
[Anonymous 2005-11-22]
Candidates interviewing at UT include
Nicholas Khoo (Columbia) Asia IR Thursday, Nov. 10, 12-2pm
Elena McLean (Rochester) IO Friday, Nov. 11, 12-2pm
Yuan-Kang Wang (Brookings, U Chicago) Asia IR Thursday, Nov. 17, 11am-1pm
Josh Busby (Princeton/Georgetown) IO Friday, Nov. 18, 12-2pm
Susan Hyde (UCSD) IO Friday, Dec. 2, 12-2pm
[Anonymous 2005-11-27] Ed Fogarty (Berkeley) has a talk at the LBJ School, UT Austin.

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