Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Updates and Request Again

In response to requests from the communit, we've moved the "tally board" off the main page. Click here to access it.

• We ask again that people come forward with information about what candidates interviewed where. Given that many of the interview processes are now complete, we don't see any reason for those in the know not to provide relevant information.

• People are posting an increasing number of rumors about hires. If you are in a department that has made a hire, have accepted a job, or can point us towards verifiable (and public) evidence of a hire, please contact us so that we can post the relevant information. Remember that we redact and reject comments that name a hire. Even though we assume our commentators are being honest, we still worry enough about the possibility--and implications--of malfeasance that we will not allow unverifiable claims about hires to appear here.