Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Updates and a Request

We've recently been able to update some of the information on the master list.

We've also had requests from institutions soliciting jobs to remind you that there have been some relatively new job listings posted on the Job Solicitations thread. Go check them out.

Finally, a special note to those of you on the market this year. If you've accepted a job, please share the good news. You can let us know via email, and we will post the relevant information. We would make the same request of faculty at institutions: if you're institution has made a hire, please let us know. That way we can list that someone has taken a job.

Since you are, or the individual in question is, off the market, we don't see any problems with disseminating this information... and it will provide some public good to those still on the market.

We want to reiterate how incomplete the information presented here is. We have reason to believe that more candidates than listed interviewed at some schools, for example.