Wednesday, September 15, 2010

General advice for job seekers

Questions from and helpful (and we do mean "helpful") advice for job seekers

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Anonymous said...

I've served on 6-8 job searches and am on one now. One advice I have for candidates is not to hide the ball on the research section of your CV. Do not put "publications and presentations." in the same section. Book reviews are great, but do not list them in the same section as peer reviewed publications. Similarly do not have a section entitled publications and include papers under review or R&R mixed in with actual accepted work. I understand the impulse to make your research record look more impressive and someone (who was wrong) even told me that this was a good strategy years ago, but it really does send a bad signal to search committees. It says that either you don't understand what a "real" publication is or (possibly worse), you do understand and you're trying to trick us. I am not saying this to be mean, but to point out a common problem I see on CVs that might tank you unnecessarily.