Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Belfer Fellowship Offers

  • [Anonymous 2005-04-22] Michael Horowitz (Harvard) and Sebastian Rosato (UChicago) have accepted Belfer Fellowships.
  • [Anonymous 2005-05-08] Mike Boyle (Cambridge U) has accepted a Belfer post-doc in Rotberg's intra-state conflict shop
  • [BelferMole 2005-05-12] Vanda Felbab-Brown, a Ph.D. candidate specializing in international security issues and American foreign policy at MIT, has been offered a Belfer fellowship.
  • [Anonymous 2005-05-26] Hassan Abbas, Abbas Malecki, and Chen Zak will be joint ISP/MTA fellows next year at Belfer.
  • [BelferMole 2005-06-02] More ISP/Interstate Conflict fellows: Rachel Gisselquist, Emily Oster

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