Friday, September 09, 2005

IR Deadlines in mid-September

The first set of real deadlines (i.e., those that were not listed as "Until Filled") is coming up soon on September 15th, including Carleton College, the University of Toronto, and two positions at Texas A&M at the Asst. and Assoc. levels. The remainder of the September 15th deadlines were listed as "until filled" at apsanet; see individual job listings in the IR Job List Fall 2006 post for more information. Toronto, as one anonymous commenter notes, "Unlike US schools, we can offer a proper currency and a nationalised health system." See the Toronto post for more information; any rumors about the remainder of the schools with September 15th deadlines? The next set of deadlines is grouped at the end of September/beginning of October. Four recent jobs were posted with the entirely unhelpful "Review of applications will begin immediately" deadline (Three Georgetown positions on International Migration, Geopolitics, and a visiting position in Security Studies as well as one at Francis Marion University, although the first two are senior positions); two other jobs at Columbia, one in IR and the other in IPE, were posted earlier with the same deadline. Since applications for the latter two jobs will be considered through February 1, it's very possible that these are fishing expeditions instead of directed searches. Any information on these?


IRprof said...

You may say that "review of applications will begin immediately" is "unhelpful." As jr faculty who has served on search committees, I can tell you that it may be unhelpful but it is also true. The structure of the job market at the moment makes is essential that schools move early on people they want to hire. The search committee I was on had an October 1 deadline, but we started looking at applications in early September. What's better an honest "review will begin immediately" or a misleading deadline?


IR Rumor Mill said...

We couldn't agree more: get the applications in as soon as possible. An honest "review immediately" is much better than a dishonest deadline; some postings seem to be less than forthcoming with deadlines than others. For example, Columbia announced that they would be reviewing applications immediately on July 23, 2005... with a final deadline of February 1, 2006.

Please encourage your search committees to publish openings and deadlines as early as possible.