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IR Job List Fall 2006

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* = Date reflects start of review of applications, not final deadline or apsanet reported date.
? = Date reflects end date of apsanet ad.
Institution Due Date
Columbia University 2005-07-23
Columbia University (IPE) 2005-07-23
Australian National University 2005-08-15
Utah State University 2005-08-15*
Francis Marion University 2005-08-30*
Binghamton University, SUNY 2005-09-02*
Georgetown University (Intl Migration) 2005-09-02*
Georgetown University (Geopolitics) 2005-09-02*
Georgetown University (Secy Studies) 2005-09-08*
Carleton College 2005-09-15
University of Chicago 2005-09-15*
Carson-Newman College 2005-09-15*
Trinity College 2005-09-15*
University of Kentucky 2005-09-15*
California Institute of Technology 2005-09-15*
University of Virginia 2005-09-15*
Northwestern University 2005-09-15*
University of Toronto 2005-09-15
Texas A&M University (Asst.) 2005-09-15
Texas A&M University (Assoc.) 2005-09-15
American University (Intl Comm) 2005-09-15*
American University (Intl Peace) 2005-09-15*
American University (CIS) 2005-09-15*
Georgetown University (Africa) 2005-09-15*
Reed College 2005-09-26
University of Nebraska-Omaha 2005-09-27?
Simon Fraser University 2005-09-30
Brigham Young University 2005-09-30
University of Pennsylvania 2005-09-30
Avila University 2005-09-30
CUNY-John Jay College 2005-10-01
Villanova University 2005-10-01
New York University 2005-10-01*
Middlebury College 2005-10-01
University of Notre Dame 2005-10-01
Hendrix College 2005-10-01
University of Pittsburgh 2005-10-01
Yeshiva University 2005-10-01*
Kennesaw State University 2005-10-01
Dickinson College 2005-10-01*
Emory University 2005-10-01
Auburn University 2005-10-01
Duke University 2005-10-01
University of Chicago (PubPol) 2005-10-01
University of Wisconsin, Madison 2005-10-01
University of South Dakota 2005-10-01
Yale University 2005-10-01*
California State University Dominguez Hills 2005-10-01
Nanyang Technological University 2005-10-01*
Nanyang Technological University (Islam) 2005-10-01*
Washington University 2005-10-01
University of Vermont 2005-10-01
University of Vermont (FSU/EE) 2005-10-01
St. John's University 2005-10-01
Clark University 2005-10-01
Northern Arizona University 2005-10-01
University of California, Berkeley 2005-10-01
Binghamton University, SUNY 2005-10-01
Naval War College 2005-10-01
Florida State University 2005-10-01
Nanyang Technological University (Defence Tech) 2005-10-01*
Nanyang Technological University (Maritime Secy) 2005-10-01*
Dartmouth College 2005-10-01
University of Arizona 2005-10-01*
University of Oklahoma 2005-10-01*
US Naval Academy 2005-10-01*
Iowa State University
Iowa State University (CP/IR)
Lewis & Clark College 2005-10-03
University of Waterloo 2005-10-03
University of California, Santa Cruz 2005-10-03*
Bethel University 2005-10-04?
Wheeling Jesuit University 2005-10-04
American University in Cairo 2005-10-05?
Rhodes College 2005-10-06
Millikin University 2005-10-07*
Georgia State University 2005-10-07*
College of William & Mary 2005-10-08
Union College 2005-10-10
Louisiana State University 2005-10-10*
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2005-10-11
Université Laval 2005-10-12
Cornell University 2005-10-14
ITESM-Campus Estado de México 2005-10-14
University of Dayton 2005-10-14
Northern Illinois University 2005-10-14*
University of Georgia 2005-10-15
Lehigh University 2005-10-15*
University of Utah 2005-10-15
University of Colorado-Boulder 2005-10-15*
Virginia Military Institute 2005-10-15
Hofstra University 2005-10-15
University of Kentucky PSD 2005-10-15
University of California, Los Angeles 2005-10-15
CUNY-Brooklyn College 2005-10-15*
Lewis & Clark College (China) 2005-10-15
Brown University 2005-10-15*
Michigan State University 2005-10-15
Providence College 2005-10-15
Bowdoin College 2005-10-15
University of Scranton 2005-10-15
Baylor University 2005-10-15
SUNY, Geneseo 2005-10-15
University of Massachusetts Amherst 2005-10-15*
California State University, Fullerton 2005-10-15
San Francisco State University 2005-10-15
Seattle University 2005-10-15
Vanderbilt University 2005-10-15
University of Tennessee-Knoxville 2005-10-15
Northeastern University 2005-10-15*
University of California, Davis 2005-10-15
DePaul University 2005-10-15
American University in Cairo (IR/ME) 2005-10-15
American University in Cairo (Development) 2005-10-15*
University of Oklahoma 2005-10-15*
College of William & Mary (Middle East) 2005-10-15*
University of Michigan 2005-10-15
Colorado State University 2005-10-15
American Studies Program 2005-10-15
University of Texas Austin 2005-10-15
University of Tennessee-Knoxville 2005-10-15
University of Michigan (IPE) 2005-10-15
Georgia Institute of Technology 2005-10-15
Michigan State University 2005-10-15*
George Washington University 2005-10-16*
University of Delaware 2005-10-17
California State University Sacramento 2005-10-17
Pennsylvania State Erie Behrend College 2005-10-17
University of Missouri-Columbia 2005-10-17
DePaul University 2005-10-18
California State University Chico 2005-10-18*
Georgetown University (IPE) 2005-10-18*
Western Washington University (IPE)
Western Washington University 2005-10-21
Michigan State University 2005-10-21
Clemson University
George Washington University (Elliott) 2005-10-23
California State University Northridge 2005-10-24
University of West Florida 2005-10-24
University of Nevada-Las Vegas 2005-10-25*
University of Nevada-Las Vegas (Asia) 2005-10-25*
Texas Christian University 2005-10-28
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 2005-10-28
Maryville College 2005-10-31
York University 2005-10-31
Fairfield University 2005-11-01
Cal Poly 2005-11-01
Shippensburg University 2005-11-01*
John Carroll University 2005-11-01
Tulane University 2005-11-01
Cornell University 2005-11-01
Rowan University 2005-11-01*
York College of Pennsylvania 2005-11-01*
University of Utah (Director) 2005-11-01
University of Utah 2005-11-01
University of Victoria 2005-11-01
Johns Hopkins University 2005-11-01
Dickinson College 2005-11-01
Arizona State University 2005-11-01*
Dominican University of California 2005-11-01*
Indiana University, Bloomington 2005-11-01
Louisiana State University 2005-11-01
University of Oklahoma (Asia) 2005-11-01*
University of Wisconsin, Platteville 2005-11-01*
Tarleton State University-Central Texas 2005-11-01*
Syracuse University 2005-11-01*
George Mason University 2005-11-03?
California State University Fresno 2005-11-04
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh 2005-11-04
California State University Channel Islands 2005-11-06?
George Washington University (NE Asia) 2005-11-07*
University of Ottawa 2005-11-07
Riverside Community College 2005-11-09
University of Southern California 2005-11-10
Texas A&M University (Bush) 2005-11-14
Arkansas Tech University 2005-11-15
University of Nevada, Reno 2005-11-15
Southern Methodist University 2005-11-15*
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 2005-11-15*
Concordia University 2005-11-15
Bellarmine University 2005-11-15
Nanyang Technological University (IPE) 2005-11-15
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2005-11-15*
Salem College 2005-11-15*
University of Texas, El Paso 2005-11-15
Grand Valley State University 2005-11-15
Baldwin-Wallace College 2005-11-15*
Concordia University 2005-11-15*
University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa
Saginaw Valley State University 2005-11-21*
Ohio University 2005-11-22
University of Toronto (Econ/PoliSci) 2005-11-22
Laurier Brantford 2005-11-25
Winona State University 2005-11-28
Adelphi University 2005-11-30
Long Island University 2005-11-30
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg 2005-11-30
California Maritime Academy 2005-12-01
Université de Montréal 2005-12-01
Singapore Management University 2005-12-01
Sweet Briar College 2005-12-01
Harvard University 2005-12-01
Georgia Southern University 2005-12-01
New York University (IFS) 2005-12-01
University of Notre Dame (IPS) 2005-12-01
Metropolitan State University 2005-12-01
Niagara University 2005-12-01*
Gettysburg College 2005-12-01
Saint Mary's College of California 2005-12-01*
Colgate University 2005-12-01
University of Rhode Island 2005-12-02
Queen's University 2005-12-02
SUNY, Cortland 2005-12-05?
Johns Hopkins University (Africa) 2005-12-05
Sam Houston State University 2005-12-05*
Trent University 2005-12-08
University of Exeter 2005-12-08
U.S. Army War College 2005-12-09
Morehouse College 2005-12-13*
West Virginia University 2005-12-15?
Delaware State University
Canisius College 2005-12-15*
California State University Long Beach 2005-12-15
Point Loma Nazarene University
Utah Valley State College 2005-12-15
Air War College (Full) 2005-12-15
Air War College (Visiting) 2005-12-15
Georgetown University (Qatar) 2005-12-15
McMaster University 2005-12-15
Graduate Institute of International Studies (Geneva) 2005-12-17*
Meredith College 2005-12-19*
University of Southern California 2005-12-21*
University of Southern California (Public Diplomacy) 2005-12-21*
Wesleyan University 2005-12-22*
University of Adelaide 2005-12-23
Hamilton College 2005-12-25
Chinese University of Hong Kong 2005-12-29
IBEI 2005-12-31
University of Illinois-Springfield 2005-12-31*
International University Bremen 2005-12-31
Georgetown University (Qatar Director) 2006-01-01
University of Haifa 2006-01-02
US Army War College Strategic Studies Institute 2006-01-02
California Maritime Academy 2006-01-02?
City College of New York (CUNY) 2006-01-05
London School of Economics (Global Politics) 2006-01-06
American University of Beirut 2006-01-06
Laurentian University 2006-01-06
Oakland University 2006-01-09
Adrian College 2006-01-09*
Lewis & Clark College (China) 2006-01-11*
London School of Economics 2006-01-13
Syracuse University 2006-01-15
University of West Georgia 2006-01-15*
George Mason University (Conflict Res)
University of Northern Colorado 2006-01-15*
University of Idaho 2006-01-15*
George Mason University (ICAR) 2006-01-15*
Valparaiso University 2006-01-15
Seton Hall University 2006-01-15
London School of Economics (DESTIN) 2006-01-20
Northern Illinois University 2006-01-20*
Lafayette College 2006-01-23*
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 2006-01-27*
Florida International University 2006-01-27*
University of Auckland 2006-01-27
Illinois Central College 2006-01-30
St. Lawrence University 2006-01-31
St. John Fisher College 2006-01-31
Olivet Nazarene University 2006-01-31
Leiden University 2006-01-31
University of Miami 2006-01-31*
University of South Florida 2006-02-01
DePauw University 2006-02-01
Towson University
University of Denver 2006-02-14?
Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economicas (CIDE) 2006-02-15*
York University (Glendon) 2006-02-15
American University of Paris 2006-02-15
Vassar College 2006-02-15
University of Lethbridge 2006-02-15
Central European University 2006-02-15
Seton Hall University (Latin American) 2006-02-15
Seton Hall University (Negotiation) 2006-02-15
Seton Hall University (International Law) 2006-02-15
Seton Hall University (International Organization) 2006-02-15
East Carolina University 2006-02-15*
Western Carolina University 2006-02-15*
Whitman College 2006-02-15
Old Dominion University 2006-02-15
Naval Postgraduate School 2006-02-17?
Australian National University 2006-02-17
Warren Wilson College 2006-02-17*
Bloomsburg University 2006-02-28
University of British Columbia 2006-02-28
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2006-02-28
New College of Florida 2006-03-01
Franklin & Marshall College 2006-03-01
Brunel University 2006-03-02
George Fox University 2006-03-08?
University of Texas, El Paso 2006-03-12?
Oberlin College 2006-03-15*
University of Tennessee-Knoxville (IR) 2006-03-15
California State University Bakersfield 2006-03-15
Clarkson University 2006-03-20*
Simmons College 2006-03-30
Naval War College 2006-04-01


Anonymous said...

Comparative Politics/International Relations Position:
The Department of Government invites applications for a tenure-track
faculty position beginning September 2006. The Department seeks a
candidate who combines a focus on political violence and terrorism
issues with strong regional expertise in one or more of the following:
Eastern Europe and the Balkans, the former Soviet Union, the Middle
East, South/Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Information and Instructions for Both Positions:
We are a strong department of active scholars with an Americanist
bent, having seven public law and judicial behavior faculty members.
We are developing a new emphasis on international relations and
comparative politics staffed by faculty members specializing in human
rights, international law, transnational crime, and security in
changing societies. Many of our faculty teach in M.A./Ph.D. programs
in either Criminal Justice or Political Science at the Graduate Center
of the City University of New York; both programs are large and
nationally recognized. John Jay College of Criminal Justice is an
urban public institution with an ethnically diverse student body.

Ph.D. required for appointment as Assistant Professor. ABDs very near
completion will be considered for initial appointment at Instructor
level. In exceptional cases, more senior candidates will be
considered. Teaching experience is strongly preferred. Candidates must
demonstrate promise of outstanding scholarly research and publication.
An EEO/AA/ADA/IRCA employer. Subject to financial capability. To
assure full consideration, applications must be received by October 1,
2005; however, applications will be considered until the position is
filled. Please send an application letter, at least three letters of
recommendation, curriculum vitae, teaching evaluations, and copies of
scholarly publications or two writing samples to: Prof. Harold
Sullivan, Chair, Department of Government, John Jay College of
Criminal Justice, CUNY, 445 West 59 Street, New York, NY 10019. To
arrange an appointment for an interview at the APSA Annual Meeting,
please contact Prof. George Andreopoulos (email:
gandreopoulos@jjay.cuny.edu; telephone: 212-237-8190).

Anonymous said...

Delaware State University is hiring an assistant or associate professor of Global Societies.
According to the DelState website, the Global Societies courses cover "global geography, global themes of the past, the global marketplace, and global political, social and cultural developments."

The job was advertised at the Chronicle of Higher Ed:

To see the listing, go to www.desu.edu, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click "Adjunct and Professional Job Openings". On the subsequent page, use the drop-down job title menu to find the listing.

Anonymous said...

London School of Economics
Department of Government
Development Studies Institute

Lectureship in Public Administration and Development

Salary: up to £39,300 pa inc.

Applications are invited for a Lectureship in Public Administration and Development, tenable from 1 October 2006.

This appointment will be tenure track and is open to candidates with research interests in any field of development management and comparative public policy. Expertise in Asia or the Middle East would be an advantage The successful candidate will have a PhD or be about to complete.

For a full application pack see http://www.lse.ac.uk/jobsAtLSE
Alternatively phone +44 20 7955 6183 or email recruitment@lse.ac.uk Please quote ref AC/05/09

Closing date: 13 January 2006

Anonymous said...

The Department of Political Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is seeking to fill three one-year teaching appointments for 2006-2007. Appointments are non-tenure track but may be renewed on an annual basis. The department is seeking applicants to teach three courses per semester in the fields of American, IR, or Comparative. Having the PhD in hand by August 15, 2006 is preferred but not required. Salary is competitive. Interested applicants should submit the following: cover letter discussing teaching expertise and experience, curriculum vita, syllabi, teaching evaluations, a list of two references we could contact, and any other evidence of teaching effectiveness. Materials should be sent to the following address by February 28, 2006:

Brenda Stamm
Department of Political Science
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
361 Lincoln Hall
702 S. Wright St.
Urbana, IL 61801


Brenda Stamm

Anonymous said...

The Committee on International Relations at the University of Chicago invites applications for Postdoctoral/Lecturer positions.
The position is for one year, starting September 1, 2006 and
renewable for a second year. The annual salary is $ 42,500 plus benefits including a research allowance. This position requires a teaching load of three courses per year (quarter system). Two of the three courses may require only idential preparation.
Additional information about the Committee on International Relations, one the the oldest and most distinguished programs of its kind, additional information can be found on its website: http://cir.uchicago.edu

Applicants should apply by sending a letter of application, curriculum vitae, letters of reference, and examples of written work and teaching ability by April 1, 2006 to:

The University of Chicago, Committee on International Relations 5828 South Univeristy PICK 307, Chicago, Illinois 60637 Attn: Wanda H. Denton

Review of applications will begin on May 30, 2006 and continue until the position is filled.

The University of Chicago is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.


Anonymous said...

Job opening at Oxford (Comparative/Eastern Europe):

University Readership in the Comparative Politics of Central and Eastern Europe in association with Nuffield College

University salary scale: £41,294 - £47,262 p.a. plus £17,570 p.a. College allowance
The Department of Politics and International Relations and the School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies seek applications for a full-time University Readership in the Comparative Politics of Central and Eastern Europe. The post is tenable from 1st September 2006, or an agreed date thereafter, and will be held in conjunction with a Fellowship at Nuffield College. In addition to the University stipend, the post holder will receive the College annual academic allowance (currently £17,570), as well as other benefits. The post holder will also be eligible to apply for sabbatical leave; generally one term of sabbatical leave is available for each six terms of qualifying service.

Applicants should have a doctorate or equivalent and have an established international reputation for research in the political development and comparative politics of Central and Eastern Europe with a distinguished and active record of high-quality publications. The successful candidate will have a sound knowledge of a language of the region, extensive experience in graduate supervision and teaching as well as in course management, and the capacity for intellectual leadership.

The duties and skills required are described in more detail in the further particulars, which also contain details on how to apply. These are available on this page, or from the Personnel Officer (email: vacancies@politics.ox.ac.uk, tel: +44 1865 278706), Department of Politics and International Relations, Manor Road, University of Oxford, Oxford OX1 3UQ. The closing date for applications is noon on Tuesday 21st March 2006. Please quote reference number CT06007 on all correspondence and state where you saw this post advertised.

The University of Oxford is an Equal Opportunities Employer

Further Particulars pdf

Anonymous said...

Sometime in late February or early March, Dartmouth extended three additional (!) IR offers: Jennifer Lind (UPenn), Branislav Slanchev (UCSD), and Daryl Press (UPenn)

Anonymous said...

The Government Department at William and Mary is hiring for a non-tenure track position in International Relations. Subfield is open. While this is a one year position, it is renewable contingent upon job performance. Applicants should have an active research agenda, teaching experience, and evidence of success in the classroom. The teaching load is three courses per semester, but in each semester one could teach two sections of the same course. Courses would be based on the interests of the applicant but could include Introduction to International Politics, International Political Economy, International Security, U.S. Foreign Policy, Research Methods, International Law, and more specialized courses based on candidate’s interest.

The Government Department has 23 tenure track faculty members and 3 full time visitors. The department has hired 5 new tenure track faculty over the past 3 years and will likely hire more over the next 3 years. The department has an active research seminar and very good students. The permanent IR faculty includes David Dessler, Sue Peterson, TJ Cheng, Mitchell Reiss, Mike Tierney, Maria Ivanova, Amy Oakes, and Clay Clemens.

The Department of Government graduates more than 150 students each year with a major in Government. Students majoring in International Relations and Public Policy complete a substantial number of their courses in the Department of Government. The College of William and Mary, the second oldest university in the United States, is one of the nation’s most selective institutions. It enrolls approximately 5,500 undergraduates and 2,500 graduate and professional school students.

Salary, research support, and teaching responsibilities are highly competitive. Application materials should include a letter of application, a current curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation, evidence of teaching experience and samples of scholarly writing. Please send materials to Michael Tierney, Chair of IR Search Committee, Department of Government, College of William and Mary, P.O. Box 8795, Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795. Review will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. The College of William & Mary is an EEO/AA employer.

metromon said...
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Anonymous said...

Question for those of you who know more about this stuff than I do: I'm a first year, I have a piece that's been accepted for publication in a prominent journal in the field (an IR journal, though), and I'm presenting at the upcoming APSA conference. Will prospective employers be impressed by the progress I'm making, or won't they give a rat's ass?

Anonymous said...

This, of course, is assuming I'm making progress. I was not trying to be conceited.

Anonymous said...

Impressed. But if that's all you have five years from now, definitely a disadvantage.

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for an online teaching job check out FacultyFinder.com. There is no cost for faculty to create a searchable profile. About 40 colleges and universities search the database when looking for online faculty.

Center for International Studies said...

Center for International Studies
The Center for International Studies (CIS), at the University of Southern California, was established in 1986 by the School of International Relations (SIR) to promote advanced research and sustained discussion of theoretical and policy issues in international political and economic affairs. The Center facilitates research by USC faculty and graduate students; brings visiting scholars from the United States and abroad to the University to conduct research; organizes seminars, workshops, and conferences; promotes collaborative research projects; and contributes to public understanding of international affairs.

2007-2008 Call
Public Diplomacy and Soft Power
CIS invites applications from scholars doing innovative research in Public Diplomacy and Soft Power. Specific topics might include:
• Media Diplomacy
• Educational and Cultural Exchanges in International Relations
• Cyber-Diplomacy and New Technology in International Relations
• Soft Power in Area Studies
• Citizen Diplomacy and Cultural Relations
CIS would be especially pleased to receive interdisciplinary proposals and those examining public diplomacy and soft power in non-U.S. contexts. The successful candidate will be given a courtesy appointment as a Research Associate in the USC Center on Public Diplomacy (CPD) which is a partnership between the School of International Relations and the Annenberg School for Communication (http://uscpublicdiplomacy.com), and invited to play a full role in all CPD activities.

The competition is open to junior scholars: those who received a Ph.D. within the last 3 years or who will have defended a dissertation by August 2007. Equivalent experience is not accepted. No English tests are required. Applications from a variety of disciplines, including the social sciences, humanities and communications are encouraged.

Faculty Research Interests
Culture, Gender and Global Society:
Hayward Alker, Gerald Bender, Laurie Brand, Nicholas Cull, Chaibong Hahm, Steven Lamy, Daniel Lynch, Alison Dundes Renteln, Stanley Rosen, Eliz Sanasarian, Apichai Shipper, J. Ann Tickner, Stephen Toulmin

International Relations Theory and Methodology:
Hayward Alker, Robert English, Patrick James, Steven Lamy, John Odell, J. Ann Tickner, Apichai Shipper

International Political Economy:
Jonathan Aronson, Laurie Brand, Richard Dekmejian, Geoffrey Garrett, Nora Hamilton, Saori Katada, Gerardo Munck, John Odell, Peter Rosendorff, Todd Sandler, Carol Wise

Foreign Policy Analysis:
Gerald Bender, Nicholas Cull, Steven Lamy, Abraham Lowenthal, Ronald Steel, Geoffrey Wiseman

International Politics and Security Studies:
Hayward Alker, Laurie Brand, Richard Dekmejian, Robert English, Nora Hamilton, Daniel Lynch, Todd Sandler, Mary Sarotte, Edwin Smith, J. Ann Tickner, Stephen Toulmin, Geoffrey Wiseman

Urban and Ethnic Politics in Global Society:
Laurie Brand, Nora Hamilton, Abraham Lowenthal, Michael Preston, Ricardo Ramirez, Jefferey Sellers, Apichai Shipper, Janelle Wong


Applicants will be evaluated on the bases of academic achievements and promise, publications and previous work experience, the quality of the research proposal, and the applicant’s potential for making significant scholarly contributions. Awards will be announced in Spring 2007.


The Center will provide a stipend, office space, USC library privileges, health insurance, $1,000 towards moving expenses, and computer support. Fellowships are funded by the Center’s endowment.

Application Procedures

Applicants must submit: 1) a curriculum vitae, 2) a 5-7 page research proposal, 3) a list of publications (when applicable), 4) a graduate transcript, and 5) 3 (three) confidential letters of recommendation. Applications without a research proposal will not be considered. The letters of recommendation may be sent directly to the office by the referee. Applications must be in English.

Application materials must be
postmarked on or before
January 16th, 2007

Please send applications to:

ATTN: Visiting Scholar Competition
Patrick James, Director
Center for International Studies
University of Southern California
Social Sciences Building B-1
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0037

Anonymous said...

The Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh invites applications and nominations for a faculty position at the tenure-stream assistant or tenured associate/full professor level in the field of international relations with specialization in international political economy to begin in the fall term of 2010 (pending budgetary approval). PhD in political science or related discipline is expected at the time of appointment. Professional experience in relevant government or non-profit institutions desirable but not essential. For junior candidates, evidence of a vibrant and promising research agenda leading to high quality publications in any of the wide variety of topics related to international political economy is essential. Senior candidates are expected to have distinguished records of research, teaching and service.

Qualified applicants should submit a letter of application describing research and teaching interests, a curriculum vitae, two samples of scholarly writing, three letters of recommendation and teaching evaluations to:

Prof. Nita Rudra
Chair, IR/IPE Search Committee
c/o Office of the Dean
Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
3407 Posvar Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Applications must be submitted by October 15, 2009 to receive full consideration.

The University of Pittsburgh is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer.

Anonymous said...

The Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh invites applications and nominations for a tenure-stream faculty position at the assistant professor level in the field of international relations with specialization in security studies to begin in the fall term of 2010. PhD in political science or related discipline is expected at the time of appointment. Professional experience in relevant government or non-profit institutions is desirable but not essential. The successful candidate will have research and teaching interests in one or more of the following areas: the causes of violent conflict across borders or within states; national and international responses to conflict, including diplomatic, military, intelligence, legal and humanitarian measures; the development of prevention and/or deterrence strategies for dealing with security threats; the political, economic and social consequences of violence.

Qualified applicants should submit a letter of application describing research and teaching interests, a curriculum vitae, two samples of scholarly writing, three letters of recommendation and teaching evaluations to:

Prof. Phil Williams, Security Search Committee Chair
c/o Mary Ann Gebet
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
3407 Posvar Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Applications must be submitted by October 15, 2009 to receive full consideration.

The University of Pittsburgh is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer.