Saturday, July 16, 2005

Deadline changes on IR Job List 2006

The APSA e-jobs from which most of these listings are culled has a column entitled "Deadline." Unfortunately, many schools seem unfamiliar with this concept, preferring to list "Open Until Filled" even if they do have a deadline within the actual text. The IR Job List Fall 2006 has been updated to reflect the actual supposed deadlines for these schools, since only a few (SUNY, Cortland, George Fox University, and the University of Nebraska-Omaha) seem determined to omit this rather useful information. The changed dates include three schools with early deadlines, so pay attention:
Carson-Newman College 2005-09-15
Trinity College 2005-09-15
University of Kentucky 2005-09-15
New York University 2005-10-01
Yeshiva University 2005-10-01
Millikin University 2005-10-07
University of Colorado-Boulder 2005-10-15
CUNY-Brooklyn College 2005-10-15
A few even list a different date in the posting than in the Deadline column (Utah State University, we're looking at you and your sneaky, hidden August 15th deadline; Dickinson College actually wants your application October 1st, not 15th; Lehigh University on October 15th, not 31st), or insist on an early date while casually mentioning that applications will be accepted for another three months after the deadline (ahem, University of Chicago). The National University of Singapore, having a deadline of April 30, 2005, has been removed, since either they are unclear on the concept of "Fall 2006," follow the southern hemisphere's calendar, or want applications well over a year in advance of the job. Speaking of which, Australian National University's "Fall 2006" does mean January 2006, so if you're planning on teaching Down Under, you'd better have your Ph.D. (and your application by August 15th) done soon. We also have a disappearing e-jobs listing. Anyone know what happened to the first Lewis & Clark College posting?

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